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Dr. Shari Geller’s Associates

Click on one of the links below to find other therapists in Dr. Geller’s association. Feel free to contact associates directly to inquire about services in both the Grey/Bruce County as well as the Greater Toronto Area. You are welcome to call Shari if you have questions or have feedback about any of the resources listed below.


Elizabeth McKinlay, Registered Psychotherapist
Owen Sound – (519) 376-1304
Click HERE to email Elizabeth McKinlay

Kathy Lloyd, Registered Psychotherapist
Owen Sound - (519) 376-9977
Click HERE to email Kathy

Michelle Harrison, Registered Psychotherapist
Owen Sound - (519) 376-9977
Click HERE to email Michelle

Catharine Crawford, Registered Psychotherapist
Port Elgin – (519) 386-2310
Click HERE to email Catharine Crawford

Linda Zarytski, Registered Marriage and Family Therapist
Hanover and Mount Forest – (519) 506-1560
Click HERE to email Linda Zarytski

Erin Gibb, Registered Psychotherapist
Hanover - 1-888-218-8089
Click HERE to email Erin

Sarah Schlote, Registered Psychotherapist
Guelph - (519) 591-7795
Click HERE to email Sarah

Angela Herzog, Registered Psychotherapist
Guelph - (519)-427-3025
Click HERE to email Angela


Julia Balaisis, Registered Psychotherapist
(416) 518-0153
Click HERE to email Julia Balaisis

Pauline Coogan, Registered Psychotherapist
(416) 721-5928
Click HERE to email Pauline Coogan

Terry Bujokas, Psychotherapist
Toronto – (416) 458-4836
Click HERE to email Terry Bujokas

Please also see Associate Services at The Centre for MindBody Health